Transfer Of Registration Process

While payment is being processed, the execution of the Domain transfer document may begin. The document is released after payment is processed. We will forward full instructions when required and more info can be found at the Network Solutions (NSI) site HERE.

The process simply generates a hard copy document required by NSI that authorizes the transfer of the registration to the buyer. The buyer first submits to NSI via email a form providing the contact information and the ID of the computer that will host the site if known. This form is the registration agreement between the buyer and NSI.

We will email this form to the buyer for their completion and we will review for correctness and assist with its completion. It is emailed to NSI from the buyers email address to establish the buyer as the authority to make future changes.

When received by NSI, they will immediately reply with an email receipt, which includes a tracking number. Simply provide the number to us for inclusion in the transfer form. Having your number on our transfer form indicates to NSI that we are in agreement with intent to transfer.

This form requires the hosting computer ID, known as the Domain Name Server (DNS). If you are ready to launch your site and have an ISP or host, they can provide you with this information. If you are not ready, leave the DNS as we have it, it will remain 'parked' for free until you are ready. You can easily change your DNS online at NSI after the transfer.

The transfer form is known as the Registrant Name Change Agreement-Transfer (RNCA-T). It is completed online at NSI and must be printed, signed by ChoiceNames and the buyer, then forwarded to NSI for processing. Email and fax of this form is not allowed by NSI.

Normally, ChoiceNames will print, sign, notarize and express the RNCA-T to the buyer for their signature and delivery to NSI. This will complete the transfer.

Alternatively, to expedite and for overseas transfers, this is reversed. The buyer may print, sign and express to ChoiceNames where we will sign, notarize and express to NSI. Most often, the buyer combines delivery of the RNCA-T, the executed agreement, and payment if by check to truly expedite, saving many weeks.

NSI will manually process the transfer in about six weeks. NSI offers an expediting service, completing the transfer in two days for $199 payable online at their site. However, as part of our service, we will change the DNS at NSI to activate your Domain so that the NSI delay will be transparent to the buyer. Regardless of the method chosen, after delivery of the RNCA-T, the transfer will be underway and should be considered complete.

It is possible to complete the process in one day and have the RNCA-T on its way to the buyer or NSI the next day when utilizing email and wiring the funds. We can assure you that your transfer will be executed quickly and professionally. You simply provide the requested information and your Domain Name will be successfully transferred in record time.

You will then be the owner of your piece of the web; make the most of it with a premium Domain from ChoiceNames.

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